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Undergraduate Courses Taught


Principles of Marketing

Principles of International Business

Marketing Research

Consumer Behavior

Marketing Management

Digital Marketing

E-Marketing Strategy

Software Tools for Design
Customer Insights Using Technology

Marketing in Europe (taught in Luxembourg)



Graduate Courses Taught


Marketing Management

Marketing Research

Consumer Marketing & Behavior

Marketing Analytics
Digital Marketing
Services Marketing

Welch Competencies I
Welch Competency Demonstration & Implementation (MBA capstone)

Spring 2023 Courses

  • MK 201-C Principles of Marketing
    Mon/Thu 3:30-4:45

  • MK 201-H Principles of Marketing
    Tue/Fri 12:30-1:45

  • MK 362-A Marketing Research
    Mon/Thu 12:30-1:45

  • MK 362-B Marketing Research
    Tue/Thu 11-12:30

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